From scratch to hello-world with OpenSplice in 21 Steps

Testet on Win7 with Visual Studio 2010

  1. download OpenSplice
  2. extracte the archive to $DIR
  3. copy $DIR\bin\dcpsacs.netmodule to $DIR\lib\
  4. open $DIR\examples\dcps\DDSAPIHelper\CS\Standalone\VS2005\DDSAPIHelper.sln with Visual Studio 2010
  5. add $DIR\lib\dcpssacsAssembly.dll as Reference
  6. build with target DEBUG and RELEASE
  7. start a command shell
  8. cd $DIR
  9. run release.bat
  10. cd $DIR\examples\dcps\HelloWorld\CS\Standalone\VS2005
  11. open HelloWorld.sln in $DIR\examples\dcps\HelloWorld\CS\Standalone\VS2005\HelloWorld.sln (Simply enter: HelloWorld.sln)
  12. foreach project in solution do:
    1. add $DIR\lib\dcpssacsAssembly.dll as reference
    2. add $DIR\examples\dcps\DDSAPIHelper\CS\Standalne\VS2005\bin[DEBUG|RELEASE]\DDSAPIHelper.dll as reference
  13. copy $DIR\examples\dcps\HelloWorld\idl\HelloWorldData.idl to dcps\HelloWorld\CS\Standalone\VS2005\HelloWorldData\
  14. run idlpp -l cs -S -d Data HelloWorldData.idl
  15. build Solution in Visual Studio 2010
  16. cd $DIR\bin
  17. run ospl.exe start
    You should see something like this:

    D:\Projects\OpenSplice\HDE\x86.win32\bin>ospl.exe start
    Starting up domain "Nyxia" .
    Info  log : .\ospl-info.log
    Error log : .\ospl-error.log
  18. *cd $DIR\examples\dcps\HelloWorld\CS\Standalone\VS2005[Debug|Release]*
  19. run start HelloWorldDataSubscriber.exe (as many times you want)
  20. run start HelloWolrdDataPublisher.exe
  21. party like it’s 1999

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